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Looking for a great home for sale at Watauga Lake? We have scoured the internet and below we have listed some great Watauga Lake homes listed along with contact details for more information.

Watauga Lake Home at 1556 Sink Valley Rd. Butler, TN

2 Bedroom, 3.5 Baths Cabin located at 1556 Sink Valley Rd. Butler, TN  
Price: $775,000 - Call Marty Plummer at: 423-768-5217

Tips for Buying Watauga Lake Homes and Real Estate

Watauga Lake has suprisingly been unknown to many folks, but the lucky few who have had a chance to take a boat ride across it's pristine waters know exactly why the lake was named "Watauga" which the locals say is a Native American word maning "beautiful waters." Whether you are looking for a retirement home, vacation home, or just an amazing place to start a fresh life, Watauga Lake is a great choice and below are some helpful sites to guide you in your search. - lots of good informatin about Watauga Lake including lake info, marinas, campgrounds, real estate, cabin rentals, and fishing guides. - offers some great insider info about buying Watauga Lake Real Estate and choosing an agent that knows the area as many of the locals list as For Sale by Owner and only trust their listings to local agents instead of the MLS. Below is a snippet from their website but be sure to visit their site for the full article.

Watauga Lake is a beautiful and serene choice for your first or second home. Like any lake, Watauga Lake has its own set of unique factors to consider when you buy real estate.

Watauga lake is nestled amongst the Appalachian Mountains. Most waterfront property is steep. Gently sloping lots are rare. Many homes quite literally sit mountainside. Seasonally changing water levels create a unique challenge for docks on Lake Watauga. Property owners must take special care to float their docks up and down as lake water levels change. You must also be sure that your lake home's waterfront will not be dry when Watauga's water level falls to 10 feet or more below "full pool".

If you decide to buy lakefront real estate at Watauga Lake, be prepared for a challenge. Just 47 of the 106 miles of lakefront shoreline are privately owned, so there are few waterfront homes on the market at any given time. Watauga Lake is large (6,430 acres), but developments are few. Potential buyers have several decisions to make. Do you want your own slice of wooded privacy, or do you prefer a development surrounded by neighbors? Can you drive half an hour for groceries, or do you want closer shopping?

Choose your real estate agent with care. Watauga Lake real estate differs from many other real estate markets. There is a centralized Watauga Lake MLS (Multiple Listing Service), but many homes for sale are not immediately listed on the MLS. Only the seller's agent and his/her real estate company may know that a home is available for sale. Also, many homes at Watauga Lake are listed as "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO); these never appear in the MLS. You should not only choose an agent with whom you feel comfortable and who knows the lake well, but you should regularly scout all neighborhoods that interest you to find newly available FSBO's.

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